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Clearwater Domestic Sewage is associated with the longest established manufacturer of home sewage treatment systems in Australia - Taylex Sales based in Victoria.  We are a highly motivated Western Australian Company conforming to strict ethical standards.  Our ATU s are competitively priced with low overhead costs.  Clearwater service technicians are local personnel, fully trained with totally equipped service vehicles.

Our units are constructed with internal division walls in one moulding using high strength reinforced concrete.  There are no bonded-on fibreglass compartments.  This means that the ATU can be de-sludged and refilled without any future risk of inter-compartment leakage and subsequent system failure necessitating a full refit.

In the event of power failure, our unit has two days storage capacity in compliance with regulations. This storage occurs in sequence through the unit instead of above the normal operating level of the entire tank, so that there is no danger of raw sewage floating into final irrigation water.  When power resumes, the unit quickly recovers.  Accordingly there is no risk of having to clean raw sewage from a blocked sprinkler system.

Clearwater undertakes to assist you with information required to obtain all the necessary approvals for installation of your ATU.

For a fee we carry out quarterly inspection and service of your ATU to ensure that it is functioning correctly.  Formal reports are provided to you, the local health authority and the Health Department of W.A.

ONE tank, ONE hole, ONE connection